The Two Nineteen Recap 2012

Television “networks” fail when they divide the viewing community via Lance T Peterson
“CBS executives, or whomever made the decision not to broadcast [the Grammy’s] live, failed to understand a few things” about social media, viewers and “the now communal nature of their product”.

NBC Universal’s New Olympics Challenge: Screen-Jumping via Ad Age
“NBCU has enlisted Google and ComScore to analyze what is known in the industry as ‘single source’ consumption, or individual, unduplicated viewership patterns, across video shown via TV, mobile devices, personal computers and tablets…Advertisers absolutely want to begin to reach consumers across all these platforms, and we need, as an industry, to understand how these consumers are behaving said Alan Wurtzel, president-research and media development for NBC Universal) … ‘It’s almost like the old metrics don’t apply anymore,’ said Mr. Wurtzel. ‘If you want to see the future, you have to invent it.’ “

ESPN Mobile Ad Secret: TV Budgets via Digiday
Michael Bayle, SVP at ESPN, believes in mobile. It is a platform for a company to sell “the concept of ‘companion stories,’ and the power of mirroring brand messaging across channels. A 30-second TV spot can easily be ported across to its mobile properties too, for example, without cannibalizing existing TV ad spend, he suggested”

IntoNow: “The answer is algorithmic + social to help drive discovery” via ipTV News
Adam Cahan, CEO IntoNow claims, “In the next 12 months you are going to see a few things emerging – ambient information, and presence…Ambient information is born from the idea that user interactions become limited with devices and that data is being collected in new ways…Presence is where we think the communication/community experience is starting to head. It’s really about expressing what/where you are at that moment in time so you can engage with the relevant”

Social Search & Discovery – Psychodynamic Heuristics via Screen Harmony Blog
Search may cater to a viewer’s current mood, but discovery is what encourages the viewer to advance during the decision-making process….Where is the Spotify/Instagram format for TV/Film/Games?

Video Content at ‘the Beginning of the Future’ via New York Times
At the 2012 TV and Everything Video Forum presented by the Association of National Advertisers, Mr. Proulx claimed,  “We’re experiencing television in such different ways… [we need to] ‘look at TV as, believe it or not, a new medium, and get rid of the word ‘traditional.’ ”

Let the social TV consolidation begin! Loyalize swallowed up by Viggle via Gigaom
“Social TV startup Loyalize has been acquired by Function(x), the company behind recently launched mobile app Viggle…Frankly, I expect more consolidation over the months to come, as funding dries up before app makers find a sustainable business model.”

What is social TV? Not Google TV or YouTube says NBC rep via Econsultancy
“Contrary to popular opinion, NBC’s Senior VP of Digital Jesse Redniss stated ‘GoogleTV is not social TV.’ He put YouTube in the same category as in his opinion they are mostly ways to highlight videos and consume content”…He continued, “We’re drowning in data. The hell of our industry is that we made everything measurable. 90% or more advertisers are looking for a sale. The pieces that need to be measured is how engagement leads to final purchase.”

New platform Clik promises to seamlessly sync screens via LostRemote
“Clik is offering this technology as a development platform to enable third-party apps to seamlessly sync devices to any screen with a browser. Users boot up the app, scan a code on a browser, and they take control of the screen. It even allows multiple people to scan into the same screen, sharing control in a social setting…Clik doesn’t require registration or activation codes, just a quick scan.”

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